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Produced by: www.anticteatre.com i www.mainsdoeuvres.org

Mains d’Œuvres, support and residency centre for artists, together with Antic Teatre, reference point for cutting edge performance arts in Barcelona and multidisciplinary resource centre devoted to the search for and the creation, production and dissemination of visual and performing arts, are embarking on a collaboration within the programme cav_a, Catalan artists visiting French artists. This will take the form of two performances of Lo Natural by choreographer Amaranta Velarde, an artist working in association with Antic Teatre, as part of the Respirations performance arts festival taking place between the 15th and 17th of June 2013 at Mains d’Œuvres.

We are working hard for this collaboration to be the first of a series of bilateral exchanges between artists associated with our two centres. Antic Teatre and Mains d’Œuvres are both members of the European network of independent cultural centres, Trans Europe Halles (TEH), and together they are developing an artist exchange programme based on research and innovation in performance expression.

This programme is supported by the Barcelona City Council and the Institut Ramon Llull.

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What is cav_a ?
This is a cultural exchange programme devised to share, understand and create awareness of contemporary creative performing arts practices in Catalonia, and in return learn about such practices in each host country we visit.
By encouraging international cooperation between independent cultural research centres in the field of multidisciplinary arts, we hope to increase cultural perspectives and propagate new forms of creative expression.

The programme aims to stimulate creativity by basing artistic development on exchange and knowledge, bringing Catalan contemporary performing arts creativity onto the international arena, and transcending frontiers.
To this end we want to work with other, like-minded centres in direct collaborations on productions, as well as engaging in one-to-one exchanges between artists, cultural organisations, and even cities. Using performances, workshops and training, we will create a channel of information between artists, creators and arts professionals, moving them out of isolation and into the wider community, helping them to meet the changing social, political and professional challenges that face the artist as citizen.

Who is it for?
It will allow artists from Catalonia to show their work and their creative processes to the different communities that welcome them, sharing knowledge and interests with local artists and audiences, while opening the way for artists from our host countries to make the reciprocal journey to Barcelona, nourishing local contemporary performing arts with international programming, meetings and debates.
Ultimately our goal is to facilitate opportunities for artists of all nationalities to show their work to a wider audience, and to help them develop their relationship with the audience, making it a two-way process with a free flow of opinions that can lead to the creation of new languages of expression and the development of new ways of seeing and understanding contemporary stage arts.

The first cav_a exchange took place at the Glej Theater in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in December 2011. Three Catalan and Balearic companies presented their work there and took part in various additional activities. A few months later in June 2012 three Slovenian companies brought their work to Antic Teatre within the framework of their own project, “Glej, across the border”.

December 2012 saw the second edition of cav_a take place at the HKD Teatar in Rijeka, Croatia. For this year, 2013, the exchange will be made with the city of Paris, in collaboration with Mains d’Œuvres.

Information on the first cav_a exchange:

Catalan &Balearic artistes visite eslovenian artists. Ljubljana, December 2013. →
Glej across the border. Barcelona, June 2013. →

Information on the second cav_a exchange:
Catalan artists visiting Croatian artists. Rijeka, December 2013. →

[+] ABOUT Mains d’Œuvres et Festival Respirations #2

Mains d'Œuvres emerged as the result of one basic desire: to transmit creation to everyone, to impart the ability to think, feel and build our society together. Using exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops and meetings throughout the creation process, new and innovative artistic forms can be explored.

A space for creation and dissemination, for research and experimentation, that welcomes artists of all disciplines, citizen associations and initiatives, the Mains d'Œuvres association, founded in 1998, is located in the old Sports and Social Centre of the Valeo Factories, a building comprising 4,000 m² next to the Saint-Ouen Flea Market. The centre first opened its doors to the public in January 2001. Well-established in the field and in the constant search for connections between art and society, Mains d' Œuvres is undoubtedly a multifunctional centre, open to all.

Mains d’Œuvres is an independent project that wishes to encourage alternatives in the support for artistic practices. Above all, through its residency programme, Mains d'Œuvres accompanies artists and project creators in their searches. In addition to providing working space, the core element of this accompaniment lies in supporting projects and creations with human and logistic solutions, offered in a spirit of participation and coexistence.

Mains d' Œuvres is supported by the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis, the Ministry of Culture for the Ile de France region, the Ministry of Youth and Sport, and the Saint-Ouen and París City Councils.

Respirations #2. Performance Arts Festival
Inhale, exhale... The Respirations festival sets up its 2013 edition under the banner of total art. Between dance, theatre, performance and arts of the senses, become a travelling spectator at Mains d' Œuvres. We will guide you to the heart of a varied artistic walkabout.
From one space to another, 13 performance arts companies will fill the building, suggesting directions and lifting spirits and feet.

Every evening you will have a choice of 2 routes covering 5 short sets, allowing you to discover the effervescence and creativity of both resident and visiting companies.

There will be a special workshop for the very young and a family show on Saturday afternoon.

Three days of festival, from the 15th to the 17th of June 2013: we will take the time to inhale, exhale, and dream.
Featuring : Alexandra Badea, Camille Mutel, La compagnie Le Dahu, Lorena Dozio, l’éventuel hérisson bleu, les Moric(h)ettes, Dominique Gilliot, Iduun, Aude Lachaise,Compagnie Play-M. Martinez Llense, Carole Perdereau, Yan Allegret and Amaranta Velarde.

More info Mains d’Œuvres:

More info Festival Respirations#2:

Festival Video Respirations:


Antic Teatre - Espai de Creació is an independent Cultural and Social Centre based in a cultural heritagebuilding constructed in 1650 in central Barcelona.  It has a multifunctional hall, a terrace and garden bar, and Wi-Fi internet connection. It has a second venue, AdriAntic, on the outskirts of the city, which is used primarily for artistic residencies.

Antic Teatre is one of the reference points for independent, contemporary performance, a resource centre for multidisciplinary arts dedicated to the research and development of new performance languages. Our mission is to support and encourage the experimentation, creation, production, exhibition, promotion and dissemination potential of professional artists. We are committed to the search for new languages of the body and of movement, new dramaturgies and new technologies that avoid established, learned techniques and repeated methodologies.

It supports young, emerging creators as well as independent, experienced artists and also established artists with a well-known career repertoire.

More info:


The Barcelona Institute of Culture (ICUB) was created in 1996 to manage all municipal matters to do with culture. Its main activities are: the creation, management and maintenance of the city’s cultural heritage; the dissemination of culture throughout the different neighbourhoods and districts of Barcelona; to encourage the activities of the non-profit cultural sector; to boost cultural facilities and industries in the city; and to promote different cultural and leisure activities and support citizen-based civic initiatives.

Since 2011, ICUB has created, under the aegis of the Barcelona Capital directorship, a programme entitled “International Network”. This programme works together with the main cultural operators in the city to engage in, among others, the following activities:
a) international projection of Barcelona’s cultural facilities and events;
b) presentation of Barcelona’s cultural facilities to European and international networks;
c) support for European partnerships led from Barcelona;
d) cooperation with twinned cities or with cities having special links with Barcelona.

More info:


The Institut Ramon Llull is a public body founded with the purpose of promoting Catalan language studies at universities abroad, the translation of literature and thought written in Catalan, and Catalan cultural production in other areas like theatre, film, circus, dance, music, the visual arts, design and architecture.

More info:

SATURDAY 15 JUNE - 20:45H /// SUNDAY 16 JUNE - 19:45H


- New languages of the body -

Mains d' Œuvres 1
Rue Charles Garnier 93440
Saint-Ouen. París
Festival Réspirations#2

(Language: English)

Price (Festival)
1 day ticket: 
13€ (advance purchase) / 17€ box office
2 day pass:
24€ (advance purchase)
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Choreography and performance:
Amaranta Velarde

Amaranta Velarde i text extret de wikipedia

gravacions Michael Harner de cants xamànics.Composicions de Vivaldi, Ryoki Ikeda mesclades amb efectes sonors per Amaranta Velarde

Emilio Bravo

Artistic advice:
Diana Gadish

Produced by:
Antic Teatre

Suppported by:
La Poderosa i L´Estruch de Sabadell
i l´Animal a l´Esquena

More info:
93 315 23 54


With the help of her favourite machines, the performer embarks on a journey to try and reconnect with her own nature. Perhaps it’s too late, as her nature has been invaded by the artificial. On the other hand, she may attain moments of freedom, of uncontrollable impulses; perhaps she will manage to connect with her own most primitive and naive nature. Or, perhaps, the machine is already a part of her, irretrievably linked to her human nature.
Oscillating between theatrical representation of a speech emitted by a computer, and the creation of fictitious landscapes, the performer invites the audience to venture into a synthetic and cybernetic universe, allowing glimpses of a nostalgic humanity.

Amaranta Velarde is a graduate of CODARTS, Rotterdam Dance Academy,(2004) Having received the Cajastur 2002 grant and as a scholarship dancer with contemporary dance company (2003-2004), she has since worked intensely in the Netherlands as a performer, collaborator and assistant to choreographer Bruno Listopad on a large number of performances, researches and installations in museums and galleries. The staged shows have been presented at festivals such as Cadance, Spring Festival and Something Raw, and some of the pieces have been nominated for national awards in the Netherlands. Other choreographers she has worked with include Giulia Mureddu, Cora Bos-Croese, Liat Waysbort and Jochem Stechman among several others. She also takes part in different improvisation events.

In 2009 she collaborated with singer Maria Luisa Capurso with whom she premiered the show Um Boh at the Festival Biarteca in Italy. In 2010 she choreographed her first solo piece, Eclipse, presented at OT 301 in Amsterdam and at Random Collision in Groningen, and received the danceWEB Scholarship 2010 for Impulstanz Festival in Vienna.

Since 2011 she has been based in Barcelona where she works as choreographic assistant to Rita Vilhena on La Caldera Mov|i|mento program for the Grec Festival. She takes part as a performer for Cecilia Vallejos at Estratégias Doméstica Festival. She continues to travel abroad, working as a performer for Anna Kontzesky in Munich and collaborating with Camila Milena Féher in the creation of the performance No Band presented at the art space TENT Rotterdam. Recently she has been working as a performer in the interdisciplinary project Figaro Desire Machine co-directed by Joachim Robbrecht and Bruno Listopad and produced at  Rotterdam Schouwburg, and which premiered at the International Opera Festival of Rotterdam (Operdagen Rotterdam) in 2012.


/// EXTRA ACTIVITIES /// MONDAY 17 JUNE - 16:30H à 18:30H

Encounter between professionals as part of the Respirations festival

Mains d' Œuvres 1
Rue Charles Garnier 93440
Saint-Ouen. París
Festival Réspirations#2

Free admission, reservations at: resa@mainsdoeuvres.org

Plus d'info:
93 315 23 54


If, in the heart of their work, the performance artist appears to be the sole master of time, the organisation of a creative project at times seems to find itself at the crossroads between the various elements that can impose their rhythms on the creator. What are the limitations of time? How to manage them? Are they inevitable? Around the table, artists and ‘people of the medium’ will discuss.

The meeting will feature:
Geisha Fuente, choreographer and researcher Laurent Bazin, director of  Mesden company
Pierre Bal-Blanc, Director of CAC Brétigny

The meeting will be moderated by Eric Demey, critic for the performance arts magazine Mouvement.

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